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At CTORecruiter we identify, network with, and place the top technology leaders in the country with companies of all sizes.

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Access inaccessible talent In today's market, outstanding candidates do not have to look for jobs - jobs come to them. At CTORecruiter, we know precisely where to search, who to call, and how to engage the top IT talent. Finding the right CTO was crucial to our overall success - CTORecruiter delivered. FIND OUT HOW Isaac Martinez, COO, Market Traders Institute

Expedite your time-to-hire Our recruiters make filling your open leadership position an absolute priority. We average 64 days from initiation of a new candidate search to accepted offer. CTORecruiter's methodology of gaining insight on the types of candidates hiring managers are looking for is superb. FIND OUT HOW Scott Marshall, Strategic Client Executive, Verizon

Hire with confidence Settling for a less-than-spectacular hire should never be an option. Our 6-month replacement guarantee provides the reassurance that new employee performance meets expectations. [CTORecruiter] surpassed all expectations. Their candidates were tailor-made for our company. FIND OUT HOW Todd Frantz, President/CEO, Tandem Training

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