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Technology leadership focus Today's top performers have no interest in engaging generic recruitment firms. They know they are substantially better served by partnering with highly specialized (and networked) recruiters. The thoroughness with with CTORecruiter tackles a candidate search is beyond any recruiting firm I've encountered in my career. OUR PROCESS Alex Dubuc, VP Technology, Dwight Capital

Our name alone says it all When it comes to connecting and networking with in-demand IT leadership talent, the CTORecruiter brand assures candidates that we are true subject-matter experts who will not waste their time. I disregard 99% of the calls and messages I receive from recruiters on a regular basis. But not CTORecruiter - they're loaded in my phone. OUR PROCESS Mike Joy, Senior Director Corporate Strategy, IDEMIA National Security Solutions

Long-term career opportunities By placing an absolute premium on confidentiality, we've been able to play a critical role in helping technology leaders achieve their long-term career goals and objectives. 'Committed to their craft' is the phrase I would use to describe [CTORecruiter] ...impressive results. OUR PROCESS Laura Mattingly, EVP/CIO, ALTOUR International

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